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6 products that will make your acastillaje easier

To equip your boat, with nautical products of high quality, that allow you to have a better acastillaje, has never been simpler, thanks to the magnificent products and offers of

 Acquiring the best accessories for boat fittings is the key to an experience out of this world, if you want more information, do not hesitate to follow us on our social networks: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

6 products that will make your acastillaje easier

Having the ideal accessories for a good acastillaje, whether acastillaje for boat or acastillaje for sailboat, is essential for a nautical experience unmatched, so it is more than necessary to know which products are indicated to make your acastillaje easier. 

Clamp D2 Triple 10-12 mm. Black 

If you are looking for a sailcloth, there is no better option than this excellent tool, which will make more comfortable the sailcloth, of excellent material and design, with an average size black color, for a safe experience and without limits. 

To have a sailing jaw of optimal level, will allow that the nautical experience is potentialized, since to have products of quality the comfort and facility are more than guaranteed. 

155 mm pulley Sailing pulley 

Made of resistant and durable material, this traction device is made more than necessary to have a better acastillaje, a sailing pulley will facilitate the handling of the boat, and without doubt will make the trip more enjoyable. 

Single sheet black trolley.  

Sailing shotgun car, with guaranteed quality, resistant and high level. To regulate the sail in reference to its angle, is indispensable, for that reason to have a car escota sailboat is opportune. 

Tilting jaw base for pulley 60/80 mm 

Functional tool for levelling the jaw, very good quality 60/ 80 mm, easy handling and durability, grey colour. Excellent choice for fitting, comfort and resistance. 

Slider with shackle and piston brake 

With an elegant grey colour and blue details, this is a specimen made with the best materials, resident and of great versatility, easy to handle. Essential accessory for better fittings. 

Triangular thimble 229 x 178 

Excellent nautical accessory, with guaranteed functionality, durability; exemplary in metallic grey, the perfect choice to enhance the fittings experience. 

 Where can you get it?

Having the perfect site, which offers quality products at affordable prices, is not always so easy, and that is why with the task of acquiring the most important accessories for an easy acastillaje, is a genius. 

Barcos-Online, has the most varied range of nautical products, high level of quality and guarantee with shipments with a flat rate of 5 €, where the forms of payment are comfortable and simple, undoubtedly the perfect place to acquire the accessories we need. 

Accessing is an essential requirement if quality and good service is concerned, join the large family of acastillaje for sailboats, and see the difference, for more details see our networks: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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