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Automatic pilots Garmin Ghp 12

Electronic Automatic pilots Garmin Ghp 12. The GHP 12 brings Garmin’s complete nautical autopilot technology to 20 to 70 foot (6 to 21 meter) sailing boats, as well as to powerboats with solenoid steering systems, cable actuator steering systems and third-party hydraulic pumps.enjoy sailing in a simplified wayThe GHP 12 autopilot system for sailing boats is like having an extra pair of hands on board. When integrated with Garmin’s GWS 10 or any compatible wind sensor, GPS and network electronics (sold separately), the GHP 12 supports course control, wind control, stepwise turns, turn/glide manoeuvres, etc. It will allow you to take care of your sails, rigging, winches and radios without hassle. For sailboat applications, there are three linear actuators available from Garmin capable


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