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Automatic pilots Raymarine Ev 100 Power Evolution

Electronics Automatic pilots Raymarine Ev 100 Power Evolution. The Evolution EV-100 pilot Motor for small boats with hydraulic steering with a cylinder lower than 150cc. This pack consists of the EV-1 sensor, the ACU-100, p70r control unit and the Type 0.5 reversible hydraulic unit. The EV-100 completes Raymarine’s family of adaptive Evolution pilots, a new generation of autopilots that provides precise and safe control of boats. Self-calibration powerThe main advantage of Evolution pilots and what makes these autopilots unique on the market is their self-calibration power. It does not need any kind of adjustment process to the boat it is installed on. The AI Evolution control through its algorithms is responsible for the pilot Evolution perceives its environment and instantly calculates the steering commands, thus adapting automatically to the conditions of the boat.


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