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Automatic pilots Raymarine Ev 200 Sail Evolution

Electronic Automatic pilots Raymarine Ev 200 Sail Evolution. The EV-200 Sail pack is designed for medium sailboats. It includes the EV-200 wheel pilot with EV-1 core, ACU-200 pilot control unit, for Raymarine type 2 and 3 hydraulic units and the Evolution wiring kit. The P70 control unit completes the assembly. Evolution by Raymarine is a new generation of adaptive autopilots. This technology is born from the culmination of Raymarine’s autopilot experience, FLIR Systems R&D and the application of the most advanced aerospace orientation technology with the new IA control algorithms, all of which represents a new level of autopilot precision control. Evolution pilots steer the boat with such rigour that they not only get to the destination faster, they also help save fuel. No calibration required! This autopilot has superior performance compared to other autopilots.

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