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Automatic pilots Raymarine Evolution Ev 150

Electronic Automatic pilots Raymarine Evolution Ev 150. Pack of hydraulic pilot system Evolution EV-150, with all the necessary components to install a complete pilot in boats with power system at 12VCC.the Pack of hydraulic pilot system Evolution ACU150 is a complete pilot kit, ready for installation in many of the most popular motor boats with hydraulic steering system. The EV-150 system is specifically designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized boats with hydraulic steering and a steering cylinder between 80cc and 230cc. The EV-150 system is only suitable for 12V DC electric systems. The EV-150 System Pack consists of the following components:- ACU-150 Evolution Actuator Unit – p70Rs Pilot Control Unit – Evolution EV1 Heading Processor – Type 1 Hydraulic Unit, 12V.- SeaTalkNG Pilot Wiring Kit for Evolution Pilots.

Other Characteristics:

12 VDC


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