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Automatic pilots Raymarine P70rs

Electronics Automatic pilots Raymarine P70rs. This unit functions as a pilot control system using button presses and the use of a rotary steering control, so it is designed primarily for motorboats. main features:- New user interface LightHouse, easier and faster to use – Viewing angle of the screen 160 º – The initial wizard helps you configure the pilot quickly and easily – Anti-reflective impregnation to improve visibility even direct sunlight. Operation by means of buttons and rotary control – Low consumption – normally 132mA/1.6W – 27% less than the ST70 display with 4 times more intensity – brightness – Pilot modes: Auto; Standby; Fishing Models; Track; Wind Vane; Power Steer and Jog Steer – Displays pilot information in various formats – Simplified system and group attenuation/illumination – Support for multiple data sources – Connectivity to Sea.


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